5 Roof Maintenance Tasks You Should Tackle This Spring

The mild weather of the Mobile, AL spring is a perfect time to tackle outdoor home improvement tasks, like checking and performing minor maintenance on your roof. Issues with a roof can escalate quickly, so scheduling regular inspections to check on the health of your roof can be a cost-effective way of preventing problems in […]

5 Benefits of a New Roof for Your Business

If your business in Mobile, AL has an old, leaky, or ugly roof, now is an ideal time to replace it. A new commercial roof is an investment in your business and future. Consider these five benefits of installing a new commercial roof. 1. Protect Your Investment The roof of your business protects the whole […]

4 Signs Your Roof Needs Better Ventilation

In order to function properly and to provide its full range of protective benefits to the property, a roof must be properly ventilated. However, many homes in Mobile and the surrounding communities lack adequate ventilation. If this is the case for your home, you could observe a variety of undesired effects. What could you notice […]

Top Reasons to Let Professionals Fix Your Roof

Crew Installing New Shingles on Roof on a Rainy Day

Besides looking unsightly, a damaged roof can put a dent in the value of your home. While you may be tempted to save money and to attempt a quick DIY repair job, you’re better off trusting the professionals. The severe storms that can hit Mobile, AL may leave large pieces of debris on your roof, […]