Top Reasons to Let Professionals Fix Your Roof

Crew Installing New Shingles on Roof on a Rainy Day

Besides looking unsightly, a damaged roof can put a dent in the value of your home. While you may be tempted to save money and to attempt a quick DIY repair job, you’re better off trusting the professionals. The severe storms that can hit Mobile, AL may leave large pieces of debris on your roof, […]

How to Pick the Right Roofing Material

Guy Brothers Roofing & Siding has installed a ton of roofs in Mobile, AL. Our experience has shown us how much the material you use for the roof matters. Living on the Gulf of Mexico can mean a lot of storms will be attacking your roof. Picking the right material could help yours stay intact, […]

Top 4 Things That Can Damage Your Roof

Protecting the inside of your home is essential if you want the structure to stay strong. Unfortunately, some things can happen to your roof and cause damage. Often, natural elements play a role in this havoc. Remedying any problems that occur as quickly as possible is typically recommended. Taking this action can help ensure your […]

Top 5 Indicators That It’s Time for a New Roof

With most shingled roofs lasting 25 to 30 years, it’s not likely that you give your roof much thought until there’s a problem. The reality is that your roof is the main protective barrier for your home and needs to be tended to regularly. If you’re noticing any of the problems below, it’s time to […]

5 Roofing Safety Tips To Practice This Holiday Season

Now that we’re firmly in the holiday season, Christmas lights are going up, and other holiday decorations are popping up around your Mobile, Alabama, neighborhood. With that in mind, you may find yourself needing to climb up onto your roof to secure lights or other holiday decorations. In order to make sure that your holidays […]

Understanding The Causes Of Shingle Roof Deterioration

Your home’s roof provides an essential service in protecting your home and belongings from the harsh weather. But because it is out of sight, it can be easy to forget about the beating it takes from sunlight, wind, rain, and other harsh environmental conditions. So it is a complete shock when you walk out into […]

How To Prevent Skylight Leaks This Winter

Adding a professionally installed skylight to your Mobile home is a great way to enjoy added light and increase your property value. These unique features provide a new appearance for any space and add visual interest to make your current living space feel brand new. They even offer a little added warmth from the sun’s […]

Your Roof Storm Damage Check List

Living in Mobile, you are sure to experience a few good storms each year. And once the hazards have passed, it is essential that you take a look at your home’s roof for any damage. The high wind, rain, and even hail from time to time can take a toll on the surface that is […]

Vital Tips To Protect Your Commercial Roof

As the owner or manager of a commercial property, you know that the entire building relies on the roof for protection from the sun, heat, rain, and cold. Depending on the size of the property, you could have invested tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in this single yet most essential surface. And protecting […]