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Okaloosa/Walton Siding


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Okaloosa/Walton Siding

The exterior of your home provides many critical functions, from fending off the rain and other challenges wielded by Mother Nature to increasing the insulation in the winter and summer months. So it is essential for homeowners in the Ft. Walton area to understand the importance of this surface beyond its aesthetic value. Unfortunately, living in the Gulf Coast region means some severe challenges for your home’s exterior. And the team at Guy Brothers Roofing & Siding And Siding wants to help you ensure that it is giving its best by providing the highest quality siding installation and siding repair for your home. In business since 1970, the Guy Brothers Roofing & Siding & Siding company has passed from generation to generation. However, the focus of this family-owned and locally-operated business has remained steadfast over the years. The priority is always to deliver the best to each client at the most reasonable price possible. Our experience, knowledge, and dedication to exceptional customer service are integral benefits that we believe our customers deserve and appreciate. And they are the foundation of our company and significant reasons for our longevity and success. So when you need siding installed or repaired in Ft. Walton, call 850-783-2294 for the best service and pricing in the region.

The Three Siding Materials For Your Okaloosa/Walton Home

As you begin to explore the popular siding materials in the Ft. Walton area, three will definitely stand out. The most popular is fiber cement siding. This surface is very durable and typically has a warranty of 50-years or more. Equally impressive, it requires no maintenance, even in the Gulf Coast region, and it resists rot and insect damage. While the price is on the high end, it offers superb benefits for your money.

Vinyl siding is the next most popular choice, mainly because it can be a very economical option. But you need to carefully weigh your desire for longevity with your budget. The cheaper alternatives have a much shorter warranty, while the more costly and better-warrantied selections cost almost as much as the more durable fiber cement choice. One big perk for the vinyl is that the color is part of the vinyl, not a coating, so it never needs to be repainted. But it can see some damage in extreme heat, cold, or hail storms.

Wood siding has visual appeal on its side. But the natural material is subject to damage from the sun, bugs, and cracking from moisture or lack thereof. The cost is also relatively high for any materials that offer a warranty comparable to the fiber cement siding. So it remains a distant third choice.

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Expert Ft. Walton Siding Installation

Making the change from stucco or other high-maintenance exterior surfaces to siding is a wise choice. It eliminates the maintenance and repairs for decades. And when the siding is installed by the professionals at Guy Brothers Roofing & Siding & Siding, you have a complete warranty on the labor and siding. Our team knows that getting a siding installation perfect the first time is the only way to keep our customers happy. And that simple yet meaningful bit of information also keeps our company thriving and our team happy. It sounds simple, but when you select Guy Brothers Roofing & Siding & Siding, we pledge the most stress-free, high-quality installation of your siding for years of satisfaction and value. Call 850-783-2294 for a free price quote or to learn more about this vital service. In addition, we offer door and window replacement to our siding installation clients. It allows you to upgrade the entire exterior of your home using our skilled experts. As a result, your house will look brand new and provide far better insulation to save on your heating and cooling expenses.

Cost-Effective Siding Repair In Okaloosa/Walton

While siding is more durable and worry-free than options like stucco, it is not impervious to everything. And as we all know, accidents can happen. So when you discover damage to your siding, a fast and affordable repair is essential. In addition, having the issue repaired quickly eliminates the potential for water damage under the siding and further degradation of the surface. The siding experts at Guy Brothers Roofing & Siding & Siding are here to provide you with a free price estimate for repairs to any type of siding. In addition, we warranty all of our work, so you never need to worry about the quality of our workmanship or the materials we use for the repair. Please call 850-783-2294 when you need years of experience and expertise to repair any siding damage flawlessly.