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Understanding Safety Risks in Roof Replacement

Man using nail gun to apply asphalt shingles

Depending on the type of roof, a replacement may be needed every 20 to 30 years. If the roof was impacted by a severe storm or other damaging forces, a replacement could be needed sooner. Replacing a roof comes with inherent risks, such as those related to weather conditions, the height of the roof, and […]

Avoiding the Most Common Roof Repair Hazards

Contractor hands installing bitumen roof shingles using hammer and nails.

Roof work is among the most hazardous tasks in the construction industry. That’s why — perhaps more than any other type of home repair — roofing projects should always be carried out by a qualified professional. The following are some of the most common hazards of roof repair work and how professional roofing contractors are […]

Roofing Hazards: How to Spot and Address Them

Newly build houses with solar panels attached on the roof against a sunny sky Close up of a new building with black solar panels. Zonnepanelen, Zonne energie, Translation: Solar panel, , Sun Energy.

Roofs are a common sight in any residential or commercial area. They protect interiors from the elements and can last many years with proper maintenance. However, they are not without their hazards. They can be dangerous if problems are not addressed correctly and quickly. Fortunately, common roofing hazards can easily be identified and managed with […]

Tips to Improve Roof Safety

roofers installing new roof on house

Roofs are essential to our homes but pose risks when working on them. Whether replacing shingles or performing minor repairs, it’s important to follow safety protocols, so you don’t get hurt. Here are some tips to help improve roof safety. Wear the Right Gear Ensure you wear appropriate clothing and safety equipment, such as a […]

Top Reasons to Let Professionals Fix Your Roof

Crew Installing New Shingles on Roof on a Rainy Day

Besides looking unsightly, a damaged roof can put a dent in the value of your home. While you may be tempted to save money and to attempt a quick DIY repair job, you’re better off trusting the professionals. The severe storms that can hit Mobile, AL may leave large pieces of debris on your roof, […]