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Take These Steps to Winterize Your Roof

rain falling down from the house roof

Your Mobile, AL home’s roof is a key line of defense between your family and cold winter weather. If you don’t keep the roof in good repair, the lack of attention can hurt its longevity and cost you money in higher energy bills. When you’re working through your fall home maintenance checklist, don’t forget to […]

Fall Is the Ideal Time to Examine Your Roof

A man in a hard hat, holding a clipboard, standing on the steps of an old rundown house.

The seasons can be tough on your Mobile, AL home. As the area’s long, hot, humid summer turns into windy and rainy fall and winter, you’ll want to schedule an examination of your roof in order to see if you have any problems. The milder weather of early fall means it’s easier to see any […]

Must-Know Gutter Practices for Homeowners

Worker Attaching Aluminum Rain Gutter to Fascia of House

Mobile is known as the rainiest city in the country. As a homeowner in this area, your gutters are highly imperative to the overall well-being of your home. It’s vital that you understand some basic care practices to keep them in good working condition. Keep Them Clear of Debris With the amount of rain that […]

Here’s a Look at the Varied Types of Modern Roofing Materials

Roofer builder worker dismantling roof shingles

Beautiful Mobile, Alabama has excellent housing stock. If you’re having a home of your own built in this growing city or buying an existing house, a good working roof is a must. You’ll need to keep away the rain and humidity this summer. All homeowners should know what types of roofing materials they are likely […]

4 Practical Roof Maintenance Tips to Prevent Premature Roof Replacements

House during day with truck by Single Family Home and man carrying roof shingles and ladder during repair

Regular roof maintenance can minimize the risk of faults that damage and shortens the roof’s lifespan. You can prevent a premature replacement by following these four practical steps. 1. Remove Debris from the Roof and Trim Trees Branches, twigs, and wood planks can exert unnecessary pressure on the roof’s supporting structure. Moisture can accumulate and […]

Do You Need to Repair or Replace Your Roof?

Unrecognizable roofer worker in uniform work wear using air or pneumatic nail gun and installing asphalt or bitumen tile on top of the roof under construction house

Life in the Southeast is a joy in many ways. The mild climate means a chance to spend a lot of time outdoors all year long. At the same time, though, the climate in the Mobile, AL area can create issues that impact the functionality of your most important investment, your home. This includes issues […]

Common Causes of Standing Water in Gutters

cleaning leaves from a roof top gutter

Your gutters attach to your roof and work with your downspouts. When it rains, the water should flow into the gutters and then drain into the downspouts that carry it away. Mobile, AL gets a lot of rainfall every year. If your gutters have standing water in them, you risk the gutters getting too heavy […]

3 Ways Your Roof Is Affected by Summer Weather

yellow damage warning sign in front of roof of house damaged by heavy hurricane tornado storm

From hanging out at USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park to checking out the happenings and colorful houses on Dauphin Street, there are many things to do in Mobile, AL in the summer. We assume you’d prefer not to suddenly have roof-related issues to deal with as you enjoy summer here. Read on as we go […]

Common Signs Your Home Needs a New Roof

Typical gated community houses with palms

The roof is built with quality and durable materials to provide you with the protection you need each season. Over time, the elements and old age can cause the roof to start to deteriorate, which compromises its durability. If you want to maintain your home and avoid issues, there are a few common signs to […]

4 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Gutters

Gutter maintenance is something that many homeowners do not think of until there is a problem. They do not realize that gutter maintenance is an important part of supporting a home, helping to protect the house from the roof to the foundation. Putting in the effort to take care of your gutters properly will save […]